Who are we

 For the little story
The adventure begins in 2018!
With the desire to create an innovative service accessible to all to save time in our daily lives ...
E-commerce was taking an important place in our lifestyles and consumption, and the concierge service was arriving with the first pioneers in France. 
The idea for Smartkies: to dematerialize the "physical concierge" in "virtual" mode, to transpose the principle of e-commerce to the concierge service in order to create an autonomous property the
1st fully connected concierge service in France.    
A little anecdote
When I arrived in Dubai I booked an apartment via a platform, I arrived at 9pm with the language barrier, I sent an SMS to the owner or manager, 
Two hours later he told me that he lost the keys so I found myself without accommodation in an unknown country, then I helped myself with a hotel, so additional cost. The next day the owner calls me and tells me that it's good that he found the keys so I go and get them back, I move in and a few days later I decide to contact a cleaning service provider that I order via a platform.
I order one hour of cleaning so far everything is fine. I was very tired I decided to doze off and rest while waiting for the cleaning person to perform her service; I wake up and see that she is on the balcony; I was staying in front of the Burj Khalifa so a very nice view; I try to tell her when she is coming to wash the inside she makes me understand that I took an hour I stay calm and become insistent and I tell her to leave; in short I paid for a service not performed and so I clean myself. I think back to this person and I say to myself that it's still a lot of nerve, if all the tourists like me are fooled she must earn a good living. Then I try desperately to leave a message on the platform you can imagine that I do not have the name of the provider plus the language barrier and that gave me an idea. At this moment I say to myself that it is a thing that I will add to my project, nothing happens by chance
so I continue to note all the needs. 
I am an active man, I have owned several apartments for 15 years. I have a very long experience in the field of long and short term real estate rental.
I wanted to make my know-how available to everyone. In order to devote myself fully to the creation of my future company and to settle the constraints that I encountered as an owner, I created a start-up in Dubai and a head office in France. Why this choice? It would be too long to explain, I encountered difficulties with French start-ups. So I preferred to set up a team of developers in Dubai which allows me to structure my ideas in order to carry out the first IT developments of the internet platform and to acquire my first clients.
And very quickly, in 2020 after having put my ideas on paper I start working on the project surrounded by my team for the feasibility and remove all constraints noted and related to the reservation 
Smartkies will be online in 2022, because of its innovative use and social, this platform is synchronized to all platforms. I realized that it was endless.
Here are the adventures that happened to me: the client forgot the keys on him; the maintenance people find an apartment with damages; a client who does not respect the arrival or departure times; clients who create numerous disputes for discounts; and not to mention that we are not free, as an owner, to set the desired rates (for example:  a property that you rent via a platform you rent 150 EUROS , for a setting in relation it is totally normal until then, I felt aggrieved and imprisoned from the management of my properties ).
The next idea came up on December 1st. I did some research to see if there was a platform that offered the services I needed.
Everything started from there.
List of needs
Problem n°1 : certify my customers to be sure of the identity. 
Problem n°2 : door openings .
Problem n°3 : cleaning service providers (very hard to keep and manage) .
Problem #4 : there are multiple platforms but we, as owners, it was hard to get the good and bad clients through. It was a hellish battle. I had to block credit cards, I had to block email addresses. I was powerless against these customers.
problem n°5 : I was selling drinks etc, it was very difficult for me to go to the property very early in the morning when the customer left to get the money for the drinks and moreover it was a man