you are a customer

You are free to arrive at the time you want you will have access to your remote control.
From your remote control you can:
1. Open the gates to the property.
2. Control connected devices.
3. Have access to the mini bar (on your remote control there is the "Consumed" button, you will have to declare your consumption if you forget you will have a penalty.
4. Give your opinion on the property (inventory of fixtures) and on the cleaning. Below 3 stars you will have to justify your dissatisfaction with a text and photos, you will have 3 hours to realize it.
5. Share your access to your guests registered on your reservation, your guests must be registered with Smartkies and you will be responsible for them.
You will be graded on:
1. Cleanliness
2. Your late departures
3.Your consumption declarations
In the event of non-declaration, a penalty of 5% per item not declared on the consumption deposit.
In case of 5 late departures loss of one star. (the owners will be able to take overtime from your deposit, see the conditions of the owner)
On your emergency remote control there is a green button to send a message to the owner.
Statistics will be recorded on your profile for life and visible for your future reservations.
For any disputes on your part
(e.g. disagreement about drinks or other problems),
an investigation will be carried out over a period of 3 months in order to decide whether or not to reimburse
(be careful to be able to open the investigation it will be necessary to reserve 4 times a property in order to be able to decide).