You are the owner

How to become a provider
Step 1
Create your service
2nd step
Owners will have the option to add you to their property
and you can also add properties near you
by clicking on the search bar "search destination..." enter the desired place and
click on the green button (apply to offer your services)
Step 3
Once the owner adds you when there are reservations, your services will be offered to customers when they book.
You will have the option to accept or decline the offer.
Step 4
"For the cleaning" you will receive the proposed price and the cleaning protocol that you will have to accept or refuse to have the mission
Step 5
You will receive 2 requests:
* the first, the day of the reservation
* the second, after the departure of the reservation.
Step 6
You will have access to the remote control and you:
* do an inventory of the property and rate it with the star system
* below 3 stars, you will have to justify with photos and explanations
* take inventory of items
* inform on the respect of the departure times of the customer
In the event of an object forgotten by the customer, you can publish a photo of the object and insert it in the remark.
Your remark and your photo will appear on the profile of the customer who will contact the establishment in order to recover it.
OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS (transport, massages etc...)
Apart from your missions of the property, the customer can book you at the price of your advertisement, you will be free to accept or refuse the offer.
The service provider will be able to register his service in a property, click on the green button "offer my services".
You will be working for the client, not the owner.
(ATTENTION: beyond a gain greater than 5300 euros per year which must be declared in the administrative department of your country, you will be obliged to provide an administrative document from a company where you reside with a KBis dating less than 3 months, you will no longer receive offers and the money on your wallet will be blocked)