You want to become a service provider

How to become a provider
Step 1
Create a profile to propose your service
Step 2
Owners will be able to add you to their property 
and you can also add properties near you
by clicking on the search bar "search destination..." enter the desired location and 
click on the green button ( apply to offer your services )
Step 3
Once the owner has added you when there are reservations, your services will be offered to customers when they make their reservation.
You will have the possibility to accept or refuse the offer.
Step 4
"For the cleaning service providers
you will receive the proposed rate and the cleaning protocol that you will have to accept or refuse to have the mission
Step 5
You will receive 2 requests:
* the first one, on the day of the reservation
* the second, after the departure of the reservation.
Step 6
You will have access to the remote control and you will:
* make the inventory of the property and rate it with the star system 
* below 3 stars, you will have to justify with photos and explanations
* take inventory of the items sold
* inform about the respect of the departure time of the customer
In case of object forgotten by the customer you will be able to publish a photo of the object and to insert it, button "object forgotten by the customer", the customer will be informed on his evaluation in forgotten object.
Your remark and your photo will appear on the profile of the customer who will contact the establishment to recover it.
You will also have buttons on your remote control, a button for dirty customers, clean customers and customer damage and this information will be transmitted on the customer evaluation.
For external service providers such as cab, baker, massage, singer etc. you will receive an offer to accept or refuse, if you accept you will have an access on your profile or a number to contact when you are on site and you will have to scan a QR code of the customer to validate your service, when you have an access you do not need to scan the Qr code our robot will have detected your arrival.