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You rent your Property ?
We will relieve you with our concierge system Smart

I want to register as an owner

You will give connected access to your customers and service providers once payment for the reservation has been made.
The Nuki handle and the bridge will be offered and refunded after one year of subscription to Smartkies with proof of payment after your registration.

Step 1
You can select your customers according to their number of stars, the same goes for service providers.

Step 2
You can add managers and sub-admins.

Step 3
You can add service providers to offer your customers an additional service.

Step 4
You can write a cleaning protocol for each property so that your service providers can see in detail the tasks to be carried out with texts and photos and the proposed price
(the service provider will have the possibility of accepting or refusing the offer).

You will manage your items in your properties.

Finally, your money will be kept in a wallet that you can withdraw after the return of customer deposits.
The Smartkies commission will be debited at the time of transfer to your wallet.

In your properties your cleaning service provider will be provided with a remote control after the departure of the customer's reservation.
1. It will inform you about the respect of the departure times of the client.
2.He will take inventory of the items sold.
3. It will rate the guest on their cleanliness in your property (star system).

You will have service provider and customer report history on your dashboard.

I want to register as a customer

You are free to arrive at the time you wish, you will have access to your remote control.

From your remote control you can:
1. Open the doors of the property.
2. Control connected devices.
3. Have access to the mini bar (on your remote control there is the "Consumption" button), you will have to declare your consumption if you forget you will have a penalty.
4. Give your opinion on the property (inventory) and cleaning. Below 3 stars you will have to justify your dissatisfaction with a text and photos, you will have 3 hours to do so.
5. Share your access with your registered guests on your reservation, your guests must be registered with Smartkies and you will be responsible for them.

You will be graded on:
1. Cleanliness
2. Your late departures
3. Your declarations of consumption

In the event of non-declaration, a penalty of 5% per item not declared on the consumption deposit.

In the event of 5 late departures loss of a star. (the owners will be able to deduct overtime from your deposit, see the owner's conditions)

On your emergency remote control there is a green button to send a message to the owner.

Statistics will be saved on your profile for life and visible for your future reservations.

you want to be Partner
You have the possibility
within minutes of being
Landed a fantastic Partner & service provider

I want to register as a partner

Step 1
Share your affiliate link on platforms (social networks), it is not necessary to have a very large community.

Step 2
You will have to make one placement per week, our robot will detect if you have obtained a certain number of clicks and will remove the profiles that are not active in the system (be careful, the percentage only counts the active subscribers).

Step 3
You will have your own wallet which will be visible on your profile and which you can use for future reservations, you will be able to request your winnings every 10 days

I want to register as a service provider

Step 1
Create your service

Step 2
Owners will be able to add you to their property

Step 3
"Once added" when there are reservations you will have the possibility to accept or refuse the offer

Step 4
"For cleaning" you will receive the proposed rate and the cleaning protocol
( list of tasks to be carried out ).

Step 5
You will receive 2 requests, one on the day of the reservation and one after the departure of the reservation.

Step 6
You will have access to the remote control and you will:
* take stock of the property and rate it with the star system
*below 3 stars you will have to justify by photos and texts
* will make the inventory of the articles
* will inform on the respect of the departure times of the customer

OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS OF SERVICE (transport, massages etc...)

Apart from your missions of the property, the customer can reserve you at the price of your advertisement, you will be free to accept or refuse the offer

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New technology for you To help

We will give you access to a single software that will allow you to control all connected devices. Your customers will be able to use authorized access in complete security..

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Manager management

Store and sales managment

Managment of self employed jobs

Manage connected devices securely


Your profile and dashboard

Lifetime pay with commitment

Number of clicks and subscribers

Sponsorship with affiliate link

Smartkies - how_we_work

Unlimited access with your remote control

No more arrival time constraints

Your are responsible for your inventory

Create invitations from your access

Service providers

manage your time the way you want

Earn money while managing your schedule

Easy to find job with just one click

Manage your own availibilty

Several product brands connected are selected via a list of suppliers
Would you like to become Suppliers ?

Why we are the Better ? We make your accommodations autonomous.

Smartkies does not store your personal data. Our goal is for each of you to be able to manage your time for more important tasks.

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Worldwide Availability

We offer our platform to people all over the world. we thank our partners.

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Our clients

We know the expectations of our customers, we understand the problems of ou users, so we know what they expect from Smartkies

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Assistance and services

We are available in case of emergency.We will be happy to serve you at any time

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