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New technology for you To help

We will give you access to a single software that will allow you to control all connected devices. Your customers will be able to use authorized access in complete security..

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Smoobu calendar management

Management of mini-bars and sales

Managment of self employed jobs

Manage connected devices securely


Your profile and dashboard

Lifetime pay with commitment

Number of clicks and subscribers

Sponsorship with affiliate link

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Unlimited access with your remote control

No more arrival time constraints

Your are responsible for your inventory

Create invitations from your access

Service providers

manage your time the way you want

Earn money while managing your schedule

Easy to find job with just one click

Manage your own availibilty

Product brands connected are selected via a list of suppliers
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Why we are the Better ? We make your accommodations autonomous.

Smartkies does not store your personal data. Our goal is for each of you to be able to manage your time for more important tasks.

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Worldwide Availability

We offer our platform to people all over the world. we thank our partners.

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Our clients

We know the expectations of our customers, we understand the problems of ou users, so we know what they expect from Smartkies

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Assistance and services

We are available in case of emergency.We will be happy to serve you at any time

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